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Committed to the dustless automatic unpacking, batching transport, automatic packaging stacking solutions


Focus on automatic control equipment, transport machinery, environmental dust removal, magnetoelectric equipment and other mechanical research and development, production and sales

Products are exported to Russia, north Korea, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Iran, Pakistan, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Australia and dozens of countries and regions.


According to your needs to provide you with a full set of solutions

Weifang zhuo a heavy industry science and technology co., LTD. Is a zhuo mining equipment factory, a zhuo LinQu LinQu automatic control equipment co., LTD., jointly established, is the collection scientific research development, engineering design, mechanical manufacturing, sales, service and international trade, e-commerce, Internet marketing in the integration of science and technology enterprises, the company is located in beautiful international kite capital a LinQu (national AAAAA level forest park...

Large angle belt conveyor

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Screw conveyor

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Screw feeder

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NE plate chain bucket elevator

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Powerless roller conveyor

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Power roller conveyor

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Chain conveyor

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Electromagnetic vibrating feeder

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Reduce enterprise labor, promote automatic production

Automatic unpacking machine overview
What are the benefits of using the automatic unpacking machine in the powder industry?
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Automatic unpacking machine
Automatic unpacking machine overview


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