Overview of automatic layer-by-layer demolition and breaking machine


The automatic demolition and shuffling machine is a fully automatic demolition and breaking machine designed by our company based on the experience accumulated in the chemical automatic unpacking industry for many years. The automatic demolition and breaking machine is used for bagging powder and granular materials. Unloading operation. Automatically unpacking and unloading dry powdery materials in the fields of chemical, petroleum, building materials, metallurgy, electric power, food, medicine, food, environmental protection, etc., such as caustic soda, magnesium oxide, utopia, quartz sand, limestone, Toner, polyvinyl chloride, urea, clay, gypsum, sewage treatment and other additives can be automatically unpacked and unloaded. It is automatically fed to the bag by hydraulic lifting device. The knife device automatically breaks the bag, and the automatic bag material is separated. During the unloading process, the material is dropped into the hopper by gravity, and the material is discharged from the bottom discharge device to complete the unpacking and unloading work. The operation process uses a fully sealed conveyor that allows workers to work in a clean environment without material spillage.